India Print

After a family adventure to Kerala in 2015, photos were brought to life in a three colour screen print. The print is made up of a detailed train carriage number (taken on a colourful journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam) and coastal scenes from Kovalam’s Lighthouse Beach.


Tube Terror

This work was created in response to the London bombings in 2005. Not long after I had arrived back in the UK and still getting used to being home, London exploded. Strange to think, but now it feels like that was just the start…


Melbourne Cars

There is a very high proportion of retro cars to be seen on the streets of Melbourne. Great to see on the way to work everyday.

Photographed by Mark Calderbank.


Covered By

We like Post-It notes. Lots of them! We came up with the idea to create a ‘Post-It’ artwork for a gallery show in East London, due to the restrictions on permanently fixing or applying anything to the walls. The first show depicted Betsy – the daughter of the famous blind beggar of Bethnal Green. Other commissions have included backdrops for an acoustic and spoken word night and the stairwell of a derelict housing estate due for demolition. The estate was opened up for one weekend only to allow 20 artists to create and display their work.


Concrete Posters

It seems that lots of open and green spaces have been fenced off, bulldozed, developed and filled with cement over the last few years. Places that might have provided great places to play and explore. This series of poster designs initially look like a tree or leaf but on closer inspection are made up of the silhouettes of construction – fencing, diggers and lorries. They are screen-printed using a fine concrete rather than ink.