Brand identity

Knoops make expertly crafted chocolate drinks. The name comes from Dutch founder Jens Knoop (which translates as ‘button’) who opened his first shop in 2013 in Rye, East Sussex. Jens has always had a strong relationship with chocolate since his childhood in rural Germany.

In August 2019 we were commissioned to help create a more robust, consistent brand ahead of the planned expansion into London throughout 2020. During the research stage, it was agreed we would retain the unique name, which supports the brand story (the drinks are made from the highest quality chocolate buttons) and had a strong connection with the existing team.

We created the new strapline to emphasise the unique, artisanal nature of the process and settled on a simple, contemporary typeface. A colour palette was created to help navigate the extensive menu in shops as well as colour code packaging. We also developed a modular website design that allows additional sections to be easily updated as well as creating content across all social media channels. Working alongside the interiors team, we produced fascia signage and graphics along with posters and promotional print material for both London shops to date.