Seen Fifteen

Brand identity

Seen Fifteen is a contemporary gallery space based in Peckham, South East London, dedicated to photography, video and installation art. We worked alongside owner Vivienne Gamble to create a unique, innovative identity which was influenced by stencils and the temporary nature of their initial pop-up exhibitions. The ‘bars’ that make up the bespoke-drawn logotype are a flexible element that change and adapt in various ways for each show. They have also been used to create unique numerals and wayfinding symbols.

Since their launch we have designed a wide range of print and digital materials for each project, including a newspaper-style catalogue for the ‘Paris to Peckham’ show and fluorescent posters for Jill Quigley’s ‘Inter//vention’ exhibition. We also develop digital and social media assets for each show and over the last three years, have created exhibition materials for overseas shows at Unseen in Amsterdam and the Paris Photo event.