Hackney Empire

Creative Futures

Hackney Empire is situated at the heart of London’s East End. It is an iconic building and a venue for the arts and popular culture since it first opened in 1901. The Empire have a specific Creative Futures programme focused on a younger audience, with 14-18 year olds at the core, who produce events and experiences as well as offering industry insights and vocational workshops.

The plan was to develop a more strategic approach to this stream of work, both in terms of planning and also with the look and feel of the materials. It was important that the in-house team could quickly and easily apply the new identity, including their social media channels, when speaking to their audience.

We created a stand-alone look and feel based on photographic and typographic treatments to create distinction between mainstream Empire events and those that are part of the Creative Futures programme. This was applied to print and digital materials along with a compact guidance document for the in-house team.